Standard Operating Procedures

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The holder of a doctorate degree in pharmaceutical sciences from the University of Maryland, John Botzolakis has served in executive roles for pharmaceutical companies such as Soma Labs, Inc. and Kabco Pharmaceuticals. In his executive positions, John Botzolakis has written and supervised the implementation of numerous Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

SOPs are detailed guidelines on a company’s procedures regarding areas that are vital for quality, security, and safety. These procedures form the basis of how tasks will be conducted by employees and are written down as guiding policies.

SOPs in the food and nutrition industry are set up to guarantee the safety of food. They include procedures for cooking and heating food, packaging, and sanitizing work areas. Certain regulatory authorities such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) require SOPs to be part of compliance procedures for companies involved in that industry. In other industries, they are voluntary best-practice guidelines, such as the IFRS for financial companies.

SOPs offer workers confidence that their work is being supported by the management and that it is part of industry best-practice. The procedures also protect consumers by ensuring the final products are dependable and consistent with best-manufacturing processes.