The Importance of Planning before Speaking Publicly

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John Botzolakis has over three decades of experience in the pharmaceutical and nutrition industries. The president and chief executive of Soma Labs, Inc, John Botzolakis has been invited as a public speaker in numerous pharmaceutical symposia.

Occasionally, career professionals are called upon to speak publicly on an issue, whether before their peers, boardroom executives, or in a conference. It is important to get the essentials of public speaking right for the message to be properly conveyed.

One imperative before making any public presentation is to plan well. Planning entails structuring the details of the presentation appropriately. It is about finding the right sequence of ideas and writing them down in an organized fashion. The ideas should flow seamlessly, back up the points with facts, and must be accompanied by a good introduction.

Have the audience’s expectations in mind when planning your introduction. You want to grab their attention from the start. You can do this by starting with an interesting statistic, a story, a fact relevant to your topic, or a catchy headline.