A Look at Gemfibrozil

Warner Lambert pic

Warner Lambert
Image: pfizer.com

An experienced pharmaceutical professional, Dr. John Botzolakis has conducted research that produced several patents. In 1988, while a research associate at Warner Lambert, Dr. John Botzolakis filed U.S. Patent No. 4,910,023 with two of his colleagues. The invention is a process for applying a coating to unpleasant tasting hygroscopic pills, making them easier for patients to use and protecting them from moisture.

Dr. Botzolakis’ patent is particularly helpful for the drug gemfibrozil. Gemfibrozil is prescribed to reduce lipids in the patient’s bloodstream and is classified as a fibrate. The medicine functions by reducing the liver’s triglyceride production, resulting in lower LDL levels and higher HDL levels as well.

Gemfibrozil is taken in pill form, and patients are typically instructed to take doses twice daily, 30 minutes before they eat in both the morning and evening. The drug should be taken in combination with a diet low in fat and cholesterol. Patients are often prescribed the drug under the brand name Lopid.