What Are Probiotics?

Soma Labs pic

Soma Labs
Image: somalabs.com

In 1999, Dr. John Botzolakis founded Soma Labs, a contract manufacturer of nutritional supplements and vitamins. At Soma Labs, Dr. John Botzolakis makes products of all kinds, from daily vitamins to special products for pets. One such product is probiotic supplements.

Probiotics have grown enormously in popularity in recent years. The term probiotic means “for life,” and probiotic supplements are taken in the belief that they promote intestinal health. Probiotics themselves are living bacteria and other microorganisms that live in the body and assist with digestion. While probiotics can be found naturally in such fermented foods as yogurt and sauerkraut, probiotics in pill and powder form are becoming increasingly available.

Like other natural remedies, probiotics are regulated by the FDA as a food and not a drug, which means that they are generally safe for consumption but that their health claims are not verified. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health is conducting research on probiotics, and the public will know more about their benefits in years to come. To learn more about Dr. Botzolakis’ company, Soma Labs, visit its website at www.somalabs.com.


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