Invention Addresses Medication Taste, Odor, and Manufacturing Issues

John Botzolakis leverages more than 30 years of experience in the nutrition and pharmaceutical industries to serve as the founder, president, and CEO of Soma Labs, a contract vitamin and supplement manufacturer based in New Jersey. As an independent researcher, John Botzolakis is also listed as the primary inventor on three patents, including one titled Drug in Combination with Flavor Masking Agent and Method for Making Same.

The patent documents provide background on the invention, explaining that the majority of drugs are intended for oral ingestion, so the drugs must be modified for delivery based on dosage requirements and occasionally protected from fast moisture absorption. However, some hygroscopic drugs contain unpleasant odors and tastes, which can lead to patient compliance violations as people are less willing to consume the appropriate dosage. Manufacturers also have trouble with hygroscopic and waxy drugs because they are difficult to process during encapsulation and tableting.

To address these issues, the inventors developed a wet granulation process that leads to a protective silicon dioxide coating that covers unpleasant odor and taste, while also improving the granule manufacturing process.


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