Entrepreneurship at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy

Dr. John Botzolakis presently serves as the president and chief executive officer of Soma Labs, Inc. Dr. John Botzolakis received his MS in pharmaceutical sciences and his PhD in industrial-physical pharmacy from the University of Maryland. Among the oldest pharmacy programs in the United States, the University of Maryland (UM) School of Pharmacy sponsors a number of research and discovery initiatives, including the entrepreneurship program.

A core component of the UM School of Pharmacy’s strategic plan, the entrepreneurship program gives students and faculty the opportunity to use their knowledge in practical applications. Over the years, faculty members have drawn upon their scholarly work to develop new technologies, patents, and startup companies, often with the help of students. The UM School of Pharmacy collaborates with a number of statewide initiatives, including the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development and the Maryland Technology Development Corporation.

To learn more about entrepreneurship at the UM School of Pharmacy, visit http://www.pharmacy.umaryland.edu.


The 2015 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition

With expertise in pharmaceutical product development and business leadership, John Botzolakis serves as the founder, president, and CEO of a contract vitamin and supplement manufacturing company called Soma Labs in New Jersey. John Botzolakis’ work has also resulted in three patents, numerous publications, and various presentations at leading pharmaceutical seminars, including the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Annual Meeting.

In October, the AAPS will host its 2015 Annual Meeting and Exposition at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Attendees will enjoy seminars on important industry topics, presentations by leading scientists, and networking with professionals from around the world. During the conference, participants will explore seven program themes, such as big data and drug delivery technologies. The keynote speaker at the 2015 AAPS Annual Meeting will be Jack Andraka, the inventor of a cost-effective early-detection test for different types of cancer.

According to the AAPS, the Annual Meeting provides scientists with the most recent developments in the field to help advance research efforts and inform research teams. The five-day conference also provides access to the resources needed to progress concepts to the next stage of development.